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What happens when clumsy, 11-year-old Jack Barrellbottom leaves his uninspiring, solitary existence in a Brownstone to visit his grandfather — a renowned world explorer — in his timeworn yet grand manor on a sprawling New England estate? For this timid but curious boy, the most magnificent adventures beyond even his active imagination. From rooms inside the grand manor to his unexpected travels to dubious locations in faraway countries — all the way from the New England estate during his summer stay — Jack finds himself in search of clues to the whereabouts of his missing father, also a world explorer. He takes on terrifying risks through which he reveals his own courage and resolve alongside his12-year-old, trusted, and spirited companion, Sierra, whom he met in the Sahara Desert. The endeavor would ultimately cost Jack but at the same time save his sense of self and grow his understanding of love and trust.

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